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"An Unforgettable Party Experience"



Once Upon a Time Parties make dreams become reality! Our company offers themed party bundles for at home or hired venues, for kids between the ages of 4 to 16 years old, and of course… big kids! (See party bundles in the side menu for adult friendly parties)


Our company aims to put big smiles on little faces. Focusing on fine detail, our professional performers are in character from start to finish. Our top quality costumes create an authentic, realistic look.


We take great care and pride in our company services. From your initial inquiry, we promise to reply to you within 24 hours, if not sooner!


Let your party dreams be completely in our hands! Let yourself sit back, relax and enjoy watching your child’s fantasies come to life! We look forwards to meeting all the little prince and princesses across Ireland! Sending you warm hugs!


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